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Oh, How The Devil Doth Set Himself Against Thee
April 29, 2017, 6:54 PM

Lo and behold, there's a great chance you will become bored with the Christian life at some point in time. How do I know? First, it's happened to me personally. And more than once: both before I became a minister of the Gospel, and after. I took consolation in the fact that many Christians over the centuries have noted how hard it is to follow Christ when things are prosperous; when we have enough to eat and drink, and all of our phsyical needs are taken care of. It's the hardest then to "hunger and thirst for righteousness" (Matthew 5)!

Second, feelings of boredom are something the Devil loves to promote. Consider how many exhortations to listen, obey, trust, and follow there are in Holy Scripture. There wouldn't be so many of those exhortations if we were A-ok in the faith & works department! We need the Spirit's help. Daily.

Consider the words written for posterity in The Large Catechism of Martin Luther--which was originally just sermons on the Small Catechism. In discussing how we should eagerly use the Lord's Supper (Communion) as often as possible, Dr. Luther preached:

"As in other matters that have to do with faith, love, and patience, it is not enough just to teach and to instruct, but there must also be daily exhortation, so that on this subject we must be persistent in preaching, lest people become indifferent and bored. For we know and feel how the devil always sets himself against this and every other Christian activity, hounding and driving people from it as much as he can."  LC 471.44

I recall that the most insidious times in my life--when I suffered the most from a lack of purpose, energy, or motivation--were when I had no spiritual compass. When I had ignored the teaching of my upbringing in the faith, and/or tried to find my own direction in life.

Our direction in life is given by the Lord in His Word, and no where else! And in the reception of the Sacrament, we are handed more encouragement and love for the journey, and free of charge.

As I might say colloquially: We have enough to say grace over just to live according to God's will. This is a Divine Command that we do-- not a suggestion from the lifestyle section of a magazine! This is a holy, heavenly Command. "Love one another" being the Greatest of the Commandments.

We have enough to study and learn in Baptism, the Word itself, and the Lord's Supper to last our whole lives on Earth.

Let's get to it!

In the power of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus, in which we are born again into a living hope (I Peter 1:3-9, 22-25),